The Strategy

We Get Churches Engaged and Working Together

Every Christian shares a biblical call to care for our community’s abused and neglected children. However, most church leaders and their families are largely unaware of the crisis and the many ways they can serve as part of the solution. Our proven ministry model ensures that the 90% of the church that will never take a child into their home understands the critical role they play in supporting the 10% who will. When the whole church body is serving and connected with community support and resources, we will be a community with a network of More than Enough for every child and family impacted by the foster care system.


Build the Core

The CORE consists of individuals and families serving in or impacted by the foster care system or adoption. Discovering, gathering and serving these families and individuals builds the infrastructure for the foster/adopt/kinship ministry.
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Grow the Crowd

The CROWD consists of everyone else in the church body. The CROWD is educated and equipped through sermons and informational meetings to identify critical areas where they feel called to serve.
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Thrive in Community

Educated, equipped and connected churches can then serve in the COMMUNITY. Churches then reach further outside the church walls to serve individuals and families impacted by the foster care system that often lack healthy community.
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Churches and Organizations

Get Connected

Together, let's fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for the orphan.

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