The Foster Care Crisis in San Antonio and surrounding counties

3,592 in All Foster Care in 2021

2,049 in Kinship Care in 2021

1,106 children waiting to be adopted in 2021

Children and families in our community are in crisis. We have more abused and neglected children than we have families willing to serve them. Due to a lack of safe, loving, supported homes, our youngest victims of abuse and neglect are swept into the foster system. With no vote, no voice, no money and no safe relationships, they grow into adults that will often repeat the cycle, fill homeless shelters, prisons and fuel the sex traffic industry. The Alliance is working to solve this problem by addressing the problem at its roots. Through prevention, capacity and support, we can help break the foster care crisis cycle. 


children are confirmed victims of abuse and neglect in our community (Region 8) each year.


children in Region 8 are housed in shelters every day.


of churches in our community have foster/adopt ministries.


of foster families quit after one year.

What Happens When We Fail To Help


of sex traffic victims spent time in foster care.


of the homeless population spent time in foster care.


of the prison population spent time in foster care.


less than 50% of the youth that age out graduate from high school.

We Need Your Support

Together, We Can Make a Difference

There is a solution – the local church! The Alliance fills the gap between the under-accessed church community and overburdened foster care system by weaving together a network of local resources and experts to support children, families and the care community teams serving them. The Alliance will help our community care for our kids!

Together, let's fulfill the biblical call to care for children and families.

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