Keep Kids In Our Community

Every year, hundreds of children and youth are moved out of our region and often separated from siblings due to lack of foster families.

We have more abused and neglected children in our community than we have safe and loving families who are trained, equipped and supported to serve them. Though we have over 1,200 churches in our region, less than 4% have intentional efforts dedicated to this crisis. Children forced to be placed outside our community are often separated from siblings, move an average of 2-6 times until permanency, and face greater trauma from losing healthy relationships with relatives, teachers and friends. This can make visits with family sporadic and challenging due to distance.


children per month in our region sleep in emergency shelters.


children in our region are legally free and waiting to be adopted. Meet some here.


children 9 years and older have less than 5% chance of being adopted


days in care before permanency.

Foster, Adopt, Advocate

Improve Our Community’s Capacity to Care For Children

Become a Foster Family

Gift your family to a child in need.

Become an Adoptive Family

Welcome a child, youth or sibling group into your family forever.

Become a CASA Advocate

Be a reliable and consistent voice advocating for children.

Build a Foster/Adopt Ministry

Create a community in your church equipped to serve children and families.

Community Resources in Capacity

Are you interested in serving children in your home, advocating in court, mentoring, supporting foster families?

The Alliance collaborates with organizations committed to expanding our community’s capacity to care and advocate for children and families in need.

Collaborative OrganizationsWebsite
1HOPE For Kids
A World For Children
Bair Foundation
The Children's Shelter
Families Especial
Pathways Youth and Family Services
Providence Place
SJRC Texas
Therapeutic Family Life

Together, lets fulfill the biblical call to care for children and families.

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