EVERYone can do SOMEthing!

Healthy, supported foster, adoptive and kinship families are able to devote the time, energy and resources needed to help children heal.

We know from a robust body of research that a family environment improves healing, promotes normalcy in childhood and models healthy family life for children. Supporting those who serve abused and neglected children 24/7 is life-giving and critical to the child’s or youth’s healing process. With the community’s support, this is also the most cost-effective solution. Without support, roughly 50% of foster families quit after their first year often leading to children moving homes on average 2-6 times before permanency and costing the state three times more to house children in facilities. Together with The Alliance, you and your church can help solve this problem.


Keep Our Kids In Our Community


the amount of training that kinship families receive


of foster families quit after one year from lack of support.


of reunifications fail


youth will age out in Texas each year.

Support Your Community

The Alliance makes it easy to support children and families in South Texas.

Join a Care Community

Ask The Alliance how you can join a Care Community near you to serve families and children in need.

Become a certified Babysitter

Verified babysitters are vital to health and endurance of foster and kinship families.

Host Trauma Trainings

Equip your church members with the knowledge and training to responsibly address trauma.

Host a Support Group

Provide an avenue for your CORE to give and receive life giving peer support.

Become a Vault Keeper

Vault keepers organize donation and allow foster and kinship families ample time to shop.

Cook Meals

Help lighten the load by providing catered or home-cooked meals for your CORE.

Donate Business or Talent

Consider donating auto repairs, handyman services, photography and much more.

Provide Lawn Care

Gift families extra time to help children heal by maintaining their yards.

Mentor a New Foster Family

Share your experience and helpful resources with new foster families in your community.

Sponsor Activities

From camp trips to club sports, your sponsorship will help children flourish in their community.

Accept Insurance / Give Back

Medical and Dental professionals can accept the insurance of or offer discounts for foster families.


Help with busy schedules by providing rides to school, church, athletics practice and more.

Donate Needed Items

Ask The Alliance how you can help keep the vault filled with needed supplies.

Donate Time

No matter the task, donating your time can make a great difference.

Donate Money

Monetary donations help provide help where it is needed the most.

Collaborative Support Organizations

Building a network of support around foster, adoptive or kinship families is the single best investment you can make to help children heal.

The following partners provide dedicated support to foster and adoptive ministries in the South Texas community. To become a partner or learn more, contact The Alliance today!

Collaborating Support OrganizationsHow they ServeWebsite
ArtvangoCounseling and art therapy
Brave ParentingResources for parenting in a digital age
BrightonDevelopmental and educational services
ChosenMentoring parent education and therapy
New Braunfels Foster ClosetEssentials for children 0-18
San Antonio Marriage InitiativeStrengthening marriages
SA ThreadsProvides new clothes for teens 12-21
Time Out Sitters Verified foster sitters
Vault Fostering CommunityProvides essential items for foster families

Together, we can fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for orphans.

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