Stand Sunday – November 13th, 2022

STEP 1: Download The Stand Sunday Resource Kit

South Texas Alliance for Orphans has compiled a done-for-you resource kit including:

1. Announcement script,

2. Powerful Spoken Word Video

3. Stand Sunday graphics

STEP 2: Schedule Your Meeting with a Church Engagement Specialist

Jocelyn Wilson, our Director of Church Engagement, can’t wait to meet you. Her and her team currently help 71 churches in South Texas and they can’t wait to support your church too! Together let’s end the Foster Care Crisis in South Texas.

Jocelyn Wilson

Our UNIFIED response to the foster care crisis must be . . . RADICAL HOSPITALITY.

Radical hospitality is a 100 piece puzzle.

We encourage churches to use STAND SUNDAY as an opportunity to JOIN the movement. Are you ready to do more than simply checking the box once a year? Our church engagement specialists are here to help.

We are not interested in coming to your church to take “pieces” from your church, rather we help you FIND YOUR PIECE.

Our Church Engagement specialists SERVE your church. We help you identify strategic ways to mobilize individuals and the church body to serve in impactful ways.

Jocelyn Wilson