Caseworkers need some LOVE!

The past 18 months have been hard on everyone. Caseworkers have carried not only the personal load but also have shouldered the additional impact Covid has ravaged on the foster care system. We are in a crisis like never before resulting in children and youth sleeping in offices and hotels. Video update

Caseworkers put in a full day and then often serve extra hours of CWOP (children without placement) shifts. They cook the youth meals, do their laundry, buy them needed supplies and try to comfort them in the chaos that is foster care right now.

We want to celebrate the caseworkers who are sacrificially serving, going above and beyond at great personal cost.

We need your help! Nominate a hard working caseworker. Each week we will select one winner who will receive a gift basket ensuring they feel seen and appreciated!

Next steps:

  1. Share this opportunity through socials, emails and texts to current and former foster parents.
  2. Follow the RSVP link and tell us about your favorite hard working caseworker

Let’s encourage our caseworkers!