Today, on average, THREE children in our area will be removed from their homes for abuse and neglect. Only ONE will find a home in our community due to the foster crisis.

Join us at an Informational Meeting to learn about the foster care continuum of family crisis to youth aging out.

Meet several great organizations serving children and families in a variety of ways. You will leave the meeting with a clear understanding of the crisis and empowered to find where your gifts, talents, and margin can be used to serve children in our community.

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING! You can be a part of their healing community.

1. Come hear about the journey from family crisis to youth aging out alone

2. Meet several organizations serving them

3. Identify your place to serve (mentor, advocate, support foster/adopt/kinship families, foster)

4. Be their voice and donate your small talk with friends.

Don’t miss this chance to ensure all children in your area have a safe, thriving family!