Hey, hard-working foster family or kinship family!

When was the last time you had some kid-free time?  A date with your spouse?  One on one time with a child? Sat down and slowly ate hot food you didn’t cook and don’t have to clean up after?


The team at C12 Group wants to help you find trained, verified babysitting support you need to stay healthy.  The Alliance and C12 are bringing together babysitters (0-72 hours) verified through the Babysitting Collaborative and your family.  No need to desperately pick a name off a list or burden a fellow foster family.  You will have a chance to meet and talk with babysitters ready to serve you.

Babysitters are verified with the following agencies through the Collaborative:  4KIDS of South Texas, Bair Foundation, Boysville, Children’s Shelter, Depelchin, Divinity, Families Especial, Pathways, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (SJRC), TruLight127 and A World for Children, 

Saturday, June 23rd from 10:00 – 1:00 C12 volunteers and verified babysitters will provide water games for the kids, FREE Chick-fila lunch and time to connect with some amazing organizations ready to serve you.

Security is provided and all volunteers are background checked!

Artvango art therapy, Pursue Wellness Essential Oils, Brighton Center Sensory resources/school assistance (504, ARD), Trauma Resource Table books and videos, professional photography and Oakhills TBRI trained therapist connection.

Spots are limited!  Only 20 spots left for this amazing event.  RSVP ASAP!