Flattening the Curve has cost families and children!

All the factors that often lead to child abuse and neglect have increased sharply. With 80% of child abusers living in the child’s home, the stress of Covid and quarantine orders have placed children in harms way with little to no outlet.

  • Domestic violence up 20%
  • Hospitalizations for severe child abuse up 50%
  • 18% increase in family violence calls in San Antonio
  • 1,000 % increase in calls to mental health hotline

This combined with a decrease in mandatory reporters (teachers, coaches, extended family) able to see the signs of abuse and step in to help. Our Community, Our Call…everyone can do something!

Join Grace Point Church Sunday and learn about the in’s and out’s of the foster care system and many ways you can serve. Do for one what you wish you could do for all!