Don’t miss this Foster Parent’s Night Out!

Your next opportunity to eat a hot meal, watch a non-animated movie, read a book, complete a sentence…you know all those things that disappear as you serve kiddos!

Mission City Chosen ministry wants to serve you with a Foster Parent’s Night Out! We know sometimes the thought of even planning an evening away seems daunting and you wonder whether it will be worth it. Your longevity in this space and ability to help children heal will directly correlate to how well you take care of yourself, your marriage, and your friendships. So take this time to take care of yourself! (and we won’t judge you if you just go home, eat a microwave dinner and take a nap) You do you!

Sign up today! Spaces will fill up quickly. 

Keep planting, keep watering and trust God with the growing! Here are a few more resources that may be helpful. Also, check out our CONNECTED event. Meet some Babysitters (0-72 hours) verified with 13 local foster agencies.

Thank you, foster parents! You are doing hard, redemptive work!