Children should not be alone in the hospital.

“Last year our foster baby came to us directly from the NICU where he had been for 7 weeks. CPS does not place children with foster families until they’re ready for discharge from the hospital. I’m so thankful that our little guy had someone who frequently came and snuggled him, but not all children in the hospital are this lucky. The NICU was full of babies that didn’t have biological families there for a variety of reasons.” foster mom

Whether they have just been removed for abuse or neglect or are in a foster home who needs help being there 24/7, children should not be left to sit in a hospital room alone.

DCFS says that they usually have at least two kids in the hospital at all times who have recently been removed from homes and do not yet have a foster family or who have a foster family but the foster parent is unable to be with the child 24/7. These kids, many of them infants and toddlers, should not be left alone in a room but the hospital does not provide someone in the room 24/7.

The state requires a relatively brief training and certification process to be on a list to sit with these kids in the hospital. Sitters are notified when there is a need and have an opportunity to say yes or no to that instance.

Flexible and hugely impactful way to serve children in foster care!