Trauma Training comes to you!

Do you teach, parent, or care for children with a history of trauma? Have you found yourself stumped as to how to help them move past challenging behaviors? Want to get more trauma-informed training, but don’t have the time for an all-day class or conference?  Join us for our September Lounge & Learn.

A comfy chair, favorite drink & loungewear are all you need to learn about Trauma Competent Caregiving!

This month we will dive into Module 4 of the Trauma Competent Caregiver Training SeriesWe’ll discuss Essential Skills 1 & 2: Understanding the impact trauma has on a child and maximizing the child’s sense of felt safety  (Feel free to join even if you missed the first 3!)

You will understand how to maximize felt safety and why it is a critical step to the beginning of the healing process.

The training is lead by Melanie McCracken an Affiliate Trainer in Trauma Competent Caregiver. She holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and spent seven years teaching before staying home to raise five children, three of which they adopted from the foster care system.

This event is for anyone who works with or cares for children who have experienced trauma.  CEUs and Training Certificates are available. 

It is up to each individual to verify that these training hours will be accepted by your organization. We are a licensed Social Worker CE provider with THHSC #7817

New modules each month!