Community Support Groups

Are you a foster, adoptive or kinship parent?

Do you feel alone or like your “normal” friends and family just don’t understand?

Then come find your COMMUNITY! Our monthly support groups are a place to be encouraged and equipped alongside fellow foster, adoptive and kinship families.

Learn from our experienced leaders and fellow foster, adoptive and kinship parents as they discuss planned topics that will help you parent children from hard places. Also, enjoy the freedom to be honest with a group of other parents who can truly empathize. You will have the opportunity to connect with local resources and earn training hours if needed.

No family should walk this journey alone…we are better together.

Support groups are hosted throughout our area. All groups are open to any foster, adoptive or kinship family. Each group meets 10 times per year. Please contact the support group coordinator for specific times and locations.

Support Groups

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