Beyond Your Church

Join and Serve the South Texas Community

The Alliance will facilitate a movement within the church community to engage on various levels and at various points along the full continuum to the benefit of children and families. We will grow a community of individuals and families that understand trauma, the foster system, the many ways to serve and the organizations serving in each part of the continuum.

A Community That Cares

Join the Growing Movement of Churches Saying Yes

With the Alliance, no foster/adopt ministry journeys alone.  Connect with churches and organizations for the support and resources you need to thrive.

Discover the Community Need

Identify church members with passions, talents, and professions that complement and contribute to the foster/adopt continuum and empower them to serve. Observe/notice any gaps and start to fill accordingly.

Gather the Community

Host a pastor summit, conference or bring together non-profits serving along the foster/adopt continuum. Invite families and individuals not connected to a supportive community to join.

Community-Wide Support

Host trainings and events within your community, such as: Care Portal Response Team, TBRI & Trauma Informed Care Trainings, KinMart/GrandMart School Supply Events, Parent Night Out events, Caseworker Kits & Appreciation Dinners.

Become a Verified Babysitter to serve foster and kinship families in your community

More Than Enough

Supplying Children and Families With the Support They Need

We are working towards creating the first community in Texas that has More Than Enough for all children and families involved along the entire foster/adopt continuum.

Together, let's fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for the orphan.

Get Involved