Build The Core

The Infrastructure of Your Foster / Adopt Ministry

Are you interested in or ready to build a foster/adopt ministry at your church? Create a solid infrastructure by discovering, gathering and serving core individuals and families.

Empowering Churches For The Core

Activate Your Church to Serve the Foster Care Crisis

The Alliance provides ministry development for your CORE (current foster, adoptive and kinship families in your church) and creates a Care Community model within your church while connecting you with local resources.

Discover Your Core

Find out which families in your church and/or community are actively involved in foster care and adoption via email, social media, church bulletins, announcements and community groups.

Gather Your Core

Start with an initial meeting and begin to identify the experiences and needs of one another. Use this meeting to begin forming a database of families involved in direct care as well as those with the desire to serve and assist.

Serve Your Core

Create a Care Community around each foster, adoptive and kinship family to ensure that they stay connected. Provide vital peer to peer connection through support groups.

Become a Verified Babysitter to serve foster and kinship families in your church

Build Your Ministry

Call Your Church To Serve The Community

Contact The Alliance today for more information on creating a foster/adopt ministry at your church. Together, we can provide your church’s CORE with the support and resources they need to help end the foster care crisis in our community.

Together, let's fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for the orphan.

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