Grow the Crowd

With the proper education and resources, church members not directly involved in adoption or the foster care system can support and assist your church’s CORE.

With The Alliance, you can empower the members of your church who are willing and able to lend their time, talents, resources and support to your new foster ministry. Prayer, babysitting, meal and supplies donations are just a few of the ways your CROWD can get involved.

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Your Support Makes A Difference

The Alliance exists to support, equip and encourage churches in fulfilling the biblical orphan care mandate. We help transform under-accessed church communities into informed Care Communities.

Activate Your Crowd

The Alliance provides training and guidance in crafting a Sunday message on God’s heart and call followed by an informational meeting about the full continuum.

Gather The Crowd

We help churches plan events that educate their church body on the crisis and equip and connect them to opportunities to serve.

Crowd in Action

Lawn care, transportation, house cleaning, car maintenance, and providing meals and groceries are just a few of the ways that your church body can support can be a part of the solution.

Become a Verified Babysitter to serve foster and kinship families in your church

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Help End The Foster Care Crisis

The Alliance will help you build, organize and active your new foster care ministry. Contact us today to help end the foster care crisis.

Together, let's fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for the orphan.

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