Alex was raised in New Braunfels, Texas. She and her husband, Will, returned  to her hometown after they were married in 2020. Alex attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism.

While in College Station, Alex was part of a church and youth outreach ministry that revealed to her how passionate she was about the marginalized in her community. She changed her career plans her senior year of college as she felt the Lord drew her heart to the world of foster care. Alex took on a supportive administrative role at a child placing agency in that area, Renaissance Family Services of Texas, and then became a case manager for the agency when she graduated college. In 2017, she felt it was time to be closer to her family so she moved to San Antonio and became a case manager at 1HOPE For Kids for four years. Alex loved being a case manager as she adored the children and foster families she worked with and helped support them as they walked through all of the ups and downs of their foster care journeys together.

With a front row seat to the foster care crisis as a case manager, Alex and Will couldn’t help but feel called to step in and take on a new role by becoming foster parents themselves. They eagerly look forward to welcoming little ones into their home and loving them, whether it’s for a short time or a lifetime. One of Alex’s favorite things about foster care is the picture of redemption it is, whether that be through a successful reunification with the biological family or a child finding their forever family through adoption, and is excited to see what God does in the lives of the children and families they meet. As a Church Engagement Specialist, Alex is looking forward to working with the Alliance to bring a greater awareness of the foster care crisis and serve churches as they follow the Lord’s call to care for children in need.