After completing his Doctorate in Experimental Psychology at Baylor University, Jeff started a career as a research scientist in a civilian capacity with the US Air Force. Over the next 30 years, Jeff conducted research in areas such as improving the selection of candidates for pilot training, collaborative research programs with NATO, Australia, and Israel and development of aeromedical evacuation equipment. Additionally while with the Air Force, Jeff served in management and leadership positions and as an advisor in psychological operations in the intelligence community. After finishing his 30 year career with the Air Force as Chief Scientist at Brooks Air Force Base, Jeff went on to serve as Associate VP of Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio and VP of Strategy and Research at Our Lady of the Lake University. Since 2015, Jeff has been an Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University.

Jeff and his wife Beverly have been married since 1973 and share a love for their own three children and all children as well. He has volunteered in the Texas foster care system through CASA and is committed to helping improve the conditions and care for children across the world.