Jocelyn and her husband Ricky were both raised in San Antonio, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies.

In 2004, Jocelyn and Ricky married and she began teaching 6th grade. After having two biological children, Noah and Naomi, she became a stay at home mom. They spent five years in Dallas and during that time God began to put fostering on their hearts. In 2011, Ricky’s company moved them to San Antonio. They began attending Grace Point Church where a Foster and Adopt Ministry was just kicking off.

In Spring of 2012, the Wilsons trained and became a licensed foster home. They welcomed their first foster baby in May of that year and have been fostering ever since. With long placements leading to family reunification over the years, Jocelyn has become very passionate about partnering with the birth families to make transitioning children home successful. She has become a mentor and friend to families and continues relationship past the reunification process.

Ricky and Jocelyn have also adopted three children over the years: Faith, Hope, and Paxton! Jocelyn helps lead the Foster and Adopt ministry at Grace Point Church now and is excited to help other churches develop thriving ministries so that every child coming in to care can have a Christian family to love them.