Maren was born and raised in Texas, attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for her undergraduate in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 13 years, has two biological daughters and one adopted son.

Back in 2012, Maren and her husband began to pray about serving children in need. They researched all the forms of adoption and initially felt called to pursue adoption Internationally because foster care seemed “crazy” to them. They chose what they believed to be the safer route. after 6 months into the process to adopt internationally they were informed that the county they had chosen and paid lots of money to, had closed their doors to American’s wanting to adopt children without special needs. At that time, Aaron and Maren felt like they were not equipped to adopt a child with special needs and be able to continue meeting the needs of their biological children. Aaron and Maren stepped back and prayed about their next steps as they both knew this calling for caring for the least of these was still heavily burdened on their hearts.

After a few days of seeking the Lord’s direction, they were clearly led to foster care. Two years later, they adopted their son, Jesse Baker. Although they didn’t feel they were qualified or capable of caring for a child with special needs, the Lord had different plans. Their son Jesse was diagnosed with a Chromosome Micro-Deletion Syndrome at 18 months old. Aaron and Maren closed their home for 3 years as they adjusted to their new family makeup. In August 2018 their home was re-opened and they continue to foster children in their community.

A mutual friend introduced Maren to Jennifer Smith who helped her start a Foster/ Adopt Ministry at her home church in Boerne, Nineteen: Ten Church. Jennifer became a close friend who has mentored Maren through many years of learning how to navigate fostering and how to remain trusting in the Lord’s sovereignty. Later, Maren went to work for Child Protective Services as a legal worker where she served her home county and surrounding counties for 2 years before leaving to be the Foster Home Developer at 1HOPE for Kids. She received her Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner Certification in April 2019 and is incredibly passionate about serving families and children in need.