Mike and Jacqui have been married since 2002 and have 2 daughters, Elayna and Sophie.  In 2012 they began their journey of getting involved in foster care in response to hearing testimonies of other families at their church and God convicted them of the irrefutable priority this is for His Church.  In 2013-2015 they were involved in helping champion a new Gospel-centered foster child placement agency launching in San Antonio and in December 2015 they had their first foster placement.  They are passionate about marriage, families, discipleship, and seeing the entire Body of Christ come together on the matters God declares as priorities in His Kingdom.

Mike is the President & CEO for The C12 Group, a national platform whereby thousands of Christian CEO/Business Owners learn and pursue building “great businesses for a GREATER purpose” together.  He has held numerous leadership roles with previous organizations such as Walgreens, TQ Strategies, Health by Design, Grace Point Church and The C12 Group of Central Texas.  He and Jacqui are active members at Grace Point Church, he serves on the board for Breakthrough Moments, San Antonio Marriage Initiative and is active in a variety of “Kingdom conspiracy” projects around the globe.  Mike joined the Alliance in 2016 out of a passion to see “the Church solve the orphan crisis in this region in the next few years,” and is convinced that not only is this a matter the Church must respond to but that God has called and resourced us to eliminate it together.